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Timesheet - Work Time Tracker


Looking for an opportunity to measure your work time?This App provides all functions that an employee expects from a modern timesheet.
First, you declare how many hours you work a day, how long your break is, and at which times your working hours may be recorded. Afterwards, a protocol of your working hours can be created.
The timesheet can display your overtime hours and statistics on your business hours per week/month. All statistics can be exported as a CSV file and processed in the spread sheet.
Do you have fixed working hours (as for example 40 hours per week) and want to know when you have to punch out? The integrated time clock timer supports you.
Functions of this time clock app:- Measuring of work time- punch in/ punch out- Statistics on weekly/monthly work time - Declaration days taken off - Breaks and restrictions of working hours are taken into account- Overtime support- Timesheet timer to indicate your closing time (punch out time)
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